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“Working 25+ years with Group Travel in Hawaii, I knew the Brazilian Visa was one of the toughest to acquire. The only way through the lengthy process was with a visa agency. About 8 years ago we had to take Brazil out of our South America program when their government decided to use biometrics and interviews in their application process three months before our journey departed.
With this fear, I searched for a company via the internet for my 2018 August group. A few sites were saying the new online application is too stringent and to stick with sending in your passport. From Hawaii, to collect everyone’s passport and mail it off is a tough feat.

Our land operator, Globus Tours, recommended Generations Visa (GenVisa). To be honest my first inquiries via the web and phone where not returned. With some help, I was able to find Joe Gunawan and everything went perfectly from there.

Joe went above and beyond to answer all my questions. Always responding within 24 hours, very detailed, amazing patient and friendly. He insured me of GenVisa online application success rate and keep me up to date with each step of the process. Recently received my 30 group visas for our adventure this August.

Now, I am looking at doing my Vietnam Visas with them for this October.

Mahalo GenVisa (and Joe) for your outstanding service.”

- Alexander D.

“I received my passports with China visas today, ready for my trip in June. I had read the reviews for GenVisa before sending in my documents, and had some trepidation that all would go well.
My review of GenVisa is that I could not be happier!

  1. they were recommended by my travel company (Gate 1 Travel)
  2. they included a very specific and helpful instruction sheet
  3. their fees for regular, expedited, and super-expedited service were fair
  4. they sent correspondence emails when they received my passport and visa applications
  5. they provided even faster service than I hoped for
  6. they sent my completed passports back via FedEx with tracking
  7. they gave a discount for doing two passports together

I honestly don’t know what the poor reviews about cost are about. Every aspect of fees is disclosed. Visas have a set cost per country, and the GenVisa fees are to review the application then hand carry the documents to that country’s consulate and then pick the completed passport up from the consulate, then ship back to the owner.

Also, applications that are not filled in properly , per the instructions, will result in delays. I went over my applications repeatedly and then asked my husband to line by line review the application so to avoid errors and problems.

Thanks so much to GenVisa for the expedited service. I will use your company again for future Visa applications.”

- Dawn M.

“My experience with Generations Visa was great. As recommended by Gate1 Travel, I used Generations Visa to obtain visas to India.  The processing time was 8 weeks.  It could be faster for expedited services with an added fee.

The staff checked my applications and found errors which were returned to me for correction.  The errors could’ve been avoided if I had carefully read Generations Visa’s instructions.

Heed instructions carefully and allow time for processing.

I would definitely use Generations Visa again for my visa needs.”

- Rice B.
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