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Requirements and consular fees are subject to change without notice. Changes may include, but are not limited to, changes in consular fees, processing requirements, application forms and documentation required to secure visas. GenVisa is not responsible for such changes or for any loss or delays relating to such changes.
When GenVisa returns your passport and other documents, it is ultimately your responsibility to verify that all visas required for your trip have been obtained and that each visa obtained is valid for the entire duration of your stay in each respective country, and that your passport is valid for at least six (6) months beyond your travel dates.

Unless otherwise requested, passports and visas are returned by FedEx and are subject to the rules and conditions set by the carrier. GenVisa is not responsible for any loss or delays incurred for shipments consigned to FedEx or any other delivery services. GenVisa offers Optional shipping insurance for $12.00 per passport. In the unlikely event that your passport is lost or damaged in transit the insurance will cover your full out of pocket visa(s) and passport replacement costs up to $2,000.

GenVisa’s liability in all cases is strictly limited to the service fees that you paid to GenVisa and regardless of circumstances shall not exceed the following threshholds:

  • GenVisa liability for all loss or damage to a passport from any cause regardless of fault whatsoever is limited to the actual replacement cost of the passport.
  • GenVisa will not be liable for any damages, costs and expenses from any cause or fault whatsoever, and including but not limited to liability for travel interruption, changes in travel or prevention or limitation of travel and resulting costs and expenses.
  • GenVisa will not be responsible in any respect for any amount for loss or delay caused by events that we cannot or do not control, including but not limited to acts of God, weather conditions, strikes, civil unrests, or acts or omissions of public authorities (including passport and embassy consular officials).
  • GenVisa is not responsible for the actions or inaction of Embassy, Consular and/or U.S. Passport Agency officials and personnel. Processing time for visas and passports quoted by GenVisa are approximations based on our previous experience with Embassies, Consulates and the Passport Agency under regular circumstances. GenVisa is not and shall not be responsible for any changes in processing times.
  • Each country’s requirements for visa application process and related guidelines are established by sovereign nations and are subject to change without notice. While GenVisa strives to provide current and accurate information, GenVisa is not and shall not be responsible for such information. GenVisa reserves the right to decline processing of documents for any reason, including but not limited to incomplete documentation, insufficient processing time, and lack of cooperation from the traveler in meeting the requirements set forth by the Embassy or Consular personnel.

GenVisa Fees and Refund Policy

  • Once GenVisa submits a travel document request to an issuing authority on your behalf, GenVisa’s service fees are non-refundable.
  • All fees paid to an issuing authority by GenVisa on your behalf are non-refundable.  In the event that a visa or passport application is submitted on your behalf and the request is rejected for any reason, GenVisa will, at your request, make additional submissions in a reasonable attempt to secure the travel document.  Additional GenVisa service fees will not be assessed in this situation, but you will be required to pay any additional fees assessed by the issuing authority.  Orders cancelled prior to submission to the appropriate government agency will be assessed GenVisa’s standard processing fees or cancelation fee in the amount $17.00 depending on the amount of processing work involved.
  • Payment of GenVisa service fees and all anticipated consular or embassy charges are due at the time of ordering service, unless billing arrangements have been made and agreed to in writing prior to order.  GenVisa’s service fees are exclusive of any consular, embassy or administrative charges imposed in connection with securing the requested services and must be paid regardless of the issuance of the visa or passport. GenVisa service fee is not a “success” fee as ultimate visa approving authority lies with a foreign consular post. All returned checks and disputed charges are subject to $35.00 processing fee and, if not resolved, may result in revocation or cancellation of visas issued.

Final reservations made and non-refundable tickets are purchased at your own risk until all visas and passports are secured and in your possession. 

By sending an application to GenVisa, you accept the above, including but not limited to that GenVisa is not liable for any action or inaction of any government body or FOR the performance of any third party delivery company and that GenVisa’s liability is limited strictly as set forth above.

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