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U.S. Passports for Minors

Special Requirements for Children Under Age 16.

All minors up to age 18 must now make a personal appearance at an Acceptance facility authorized to execute passport applications.
Click here to find the nearest Acceptance Agent.

For application requirements for children ages 16 – 17, see instructions for First Time Passport. Special documentary requirements for parental consent apply for applications for children under age 16. In addition, a parent must appear on a child’s behalf.

Present the applicable forms and the following to the agent executing your application:

NOTE: Please advise an agent that you are using a “hand carry” service to submit your application. The agent will verify your identity and witness (“EXECUTE”) your application, and, upon your request provide you with the executed documents inside a sealed envelope.

1. Application form “DS-11”. The form MUST be filled and printed out online. Please click here for the formDon’t sign the application form until the Passport Acceptance Agent instructs you to do so. NOTE: Do Not type Mr. or Mrs. under the suffix, as it will be rejected if selected. 

2. Two passport photos. They must be recent, identical, 2×2 inches.

3. Proof of US citizenship. For proof of citizenship, you will need to submit one of the following:
– Original of a certified copy of US birth certificate; or
– Previous fully valid U.S. Passport; or
– Report of Birth Abroad (Form FS-240); or
– Certification of Birth Abroad (Form DS-1350); or
– Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization from USCIS.

4. Proof of relationship. Previous U.S. passports are not acceptable as proof of relationship to the applying parent(s)/guardian(s). For evidence of child relationship to parents/guardians, you will need to submit one of the following:
– Certified U.S. birth certificate (with parents names); or
– Certified Foreign Birth Certificate (with parents names and translation, if necessary); or
– Report of Birth Abroad (Form FS-240) (with parents names); or
– Certification of Birth Abroad ( Form DS-1350) (with parents names); or
– Adoption Decree ( with adopting parents names); or
– Court Order Establishing Custody; or
– Court Order Establishing Guardianship.
NOTE: If the parent(s)/guardian(s) name(s) is/are other than that on these documents, evidence of legal name change is required.

5. Proof of Parental Identity.
For proof of parental identity, each parent or guardian must submit one of the following: 
– Valid Drivers License issued more than 6 months ago
– Valid Official U.S. Military ID
– Valid U.S. Government-issued ID
– Valid U.S. or Foreign Passport with recognizable photo
– Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate from USCIS with recognizable photo
– Alien Resident Card from USCIS
NOTE: Your Social Security Card does NOT prove your identity.

6. Letter of Authorization – please click HERE to download. Please Sign a Letter of Authorization in BLUE or BLACK ink.

7. New Requirement is in effect Feb. 1, 2008: TWO parent consent required for minors under the age of 16. Please click the following to fill out and print DS-3053: Statement of Consent – Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 16.

Section 4.b in the form, please note that your signature must be witnessed and notarized. Please also note that BOTH parents MUST fill this form separately and print both consents.

a. Both parents must appear together and sign OR

b. One parent appears, signs, and submits the second parent’s notarized statement of consent authorizing passport issuance for the child.

8. Travel itinerary – Copy of a plane ticket, or travel itinerary with the applicant’s name showing dates and flight information for a departure within 14 days or 30 days in case you need a visa.

9. Contact Form – Click HERE to print.

10. Payments:
– $160.00 Government fee, payable with a personal check to US Department of State. Please indicate your DOB in the memo field.
– $35.00 Execution fee, which you will pay to the Acceptance Agent

Please send your “executed” sealed envelope via express-overnight delivery service along with a copy of an Order Form and applicable service and shipping fees to Generations Visa Service to the following address:


2233 WISCONSIN AVE N.W. #405

WASHINGTON D.C. 20007-4121

(202) 337-7080

11. Service fee, payable to Generations Visa Service (DO NOT put this check in the sealed envelope. The sealed envelope is opened by the Passport Agency, not by us):

 $150.00 for 7-9 weeks processing.*
– $399.00 for 7-14 business days processing. You must contact GenVisa to reserve a slot before sending any documents to avoid delay in process.
– $499.00 for 5-7 business days processing. You must contact GenVisa to reserve a slot before sending any documents to avoid delay in process.

*Update, July 2023: Processing times do not include shipping or courier delivery time. 



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