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Generations Visa Service (GenVisa) is a passport agency dedicated to making the process of obtaining your passport a smooth and simple one. We provide a full range of passport services that focus on making your experience easy and offer additional assistance to those in need of more guidance—this is particularly valuable for those who are new to traveling abroad.

Our agency has been assisting travelers with passport services since 1992, giving us a strong insight into the ins and outs of the process and enabling us to provide superior service. Whether you need passport renewal or expedited passport services, choose GenVisa to help with the process.

Use the links below to learn more about the requirements to obtain your U.S. passport or get started today.  

New Passport

Clients seeking a first-time or new passport will find the agents at GenVisa invaluable for completing the passport application process swiftly and simply. To begin, complete and print out your necessary DS-11 form and have it ready and unsigned until instructed to do so. From there, connect with a GenVisa agent and we will guide you through all of the necessary steps, including managing appointments and coordination on your behalf with the appropriate offices.

Learn more about obtaining a new U.S. passport here.

Passport Renewal

For those who currently carry an undamaged passport that they have received within the past 15 years—one that was also obtained after the age of 16—passport renewal can be very simple. Complete the DS-82 form online and send with it two valid and identical passport photos (2” x 2” on a white background), a signed letter of authorization, our GenVisa order form (obtainable online), a copy of a plane ticket containing your name, and the relevant fees. Be sure to pay close attention to the requirements for a valid passport photo. Our agents will handle the rest, taking all of the appointments and bureaucracy out of the equation for you.

Learn more about U.S. passport renewal here.

Lost/Stolen Passport

Replacing a lost or stolen passport can be daunting, but GenVisa has you covered with our reliable passport services. Applicants need to complete a lost/stolen passport statement (Form DS-64) and then follow a process similar to getting a new passport.

Learn more about replacing a lost or stolen U.S. passport here.

Minor Under Age Issuance

Receiving a passport for minors (ages 16-17) will follow most standard “new passport” procedures, but also include unique requirements. Along with all relevant forms and information must come a proof of relationship and proof of parental identity for both (2) parents or legal guardians of the minor applying.

Learn more about U.S. passports for minors here.

Same-Day Passports

GenVisa offers decades of experience in expedited passports for travelers who need to depart due to urgent or emergency circumstances.

For travelers who must depart the country urgently, GenVisa works with the U.S. Department of State Passport Agencies to expedite new passport applications, passport renewals, and amendments to valid passports (such as name changes).

A same-day issue for very urgent applications is available. You must contact GenVisa to reserve a space for a rush-processing (3-5 days) passport service.

Contact us online.

*All above services must also include a signed release letter.

**The passport information provided is valid for U.S. citizens who intend to use GenVisa’s services.

Special Note About Visa Pages in U.S. Passports

As of January 1, 2016, the State Department will no longer add visa pages into U.S. passports; applicants in need of additional pages in their valid passports must obtain a new passport.

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