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Russian 3-Year Multiple-Entry Business Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

How to Apply for a 3-Year Multiple-Entry Visa to Russia

  • Review the visa requirements below, depending on the type of visa you need (tourist or business).
  • Gather the required documents and review them to ensure you have everything you need.
  • Send your documents to our office or visit our office in Washington, DC.

Multiple-Entry Business Visa to Russia

  • Submit your signed passport having two (2) completely blank visa pages and 3.5 years validity beyond the travel dates. If you do not have 3.5 years left on your passport, it is still possible to apply for the 3-year visa; however, the length of the visa issued will be at the consulate’s discretion.
  • One (1) Online Visa Application Form, fully completed and signed. Please note: information pertaining to your stay and the host organization in Russia has to precisely match the information on the invitation.
  • One (1) recent professional passport-type photograph.
  • Official Russian Letter of Invitation. If you would like GenVisa to obtain this letter on your behalf, then please complete and return Application Form B. Business/Humanitarian Letter of Invitation should meet the following requirements:
    • Invitation is printed on the letterhead of the host company with full contacts and address of the company, including the taxpayer number, and stamped.
    • Invitation must be addressed to the Consular Division of the Russian Federation in the United States where you will be applying.
    • Includes a short description of the host company, the purpose of the invitee’s visit (what you are going to do at the host company and why you need a multiple-entry 3-year visa).
    • All passport details of the invitee (1st page) as well as his/her position, address, and contacts in the U.S.
    • Category (business or humanitarian), type (multiple), and period of stay from dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yy (example 5 November 2018 – 4 November 2021).
    • Address to stay in the Russian Federation.
    • The purpose of the visit (more specific).
    • Places/cities to be visited (approximately).
    • Signature, dates, contacts, and position of the person that will sign the letter/invitation. Only the head of the company or the manager of a department can sign the invitation.
    • If the company invites the applicant, there is no need to notarize the letter.
    • Invitation must be in Russian.
  • Order form, which can be downloaded here.

Russia Visa Processing Instructions

Please forward the completed requirements detailed above to:

Generations Visa Service
2233 Wisconsin Ave NW
Suite 311
Washington, DC 20007

Russia Visa Processing Fees

GenVisa Service Fee

$69.00 per visa (30 days or more)

  • Add $45.00 per person for expedited service within 30 days
  • Add $195.00 per person for expedited service within 21 days
  • $350.00 for 3-Year Multiple Entry Business Visa expedited process within 21 days.

Please contact us for processing fees and instructions within 6 days.

Russia Consular Fees

$123.00 – Single Entry Tourist Visa valid for Exact days of stay according to Invitation.
$177.00 – Double Entry Tourist Visa valid for Exact days of stay according to Invitation, max 30 days.
$303.00 – Multiple Entry Tourist Visa up to 3 Years.

Letter of Invitation Fee

$600.00 – For 3 Year Multiple Entry visa.
$540.00 – For 1 Year Multiple Entry visa telex (15 days processing). Processing period depends on entry date.
$400.00 – For 1 Year Multiple Entry visa paper invitation (21 days processing)

Return Postage

Continental U.S. Only

  • $34.00 FedEx Letter (Next Business Day – up to three passports)
  • $24.00 FedEx 2nd Business Day
  • $55.00 FedEx Letter (Saturday Delivery)

Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands

Add $35.00 to the shipping fee chosen above

For international shipping costs, please contact GenVisa.

Notes About Our Russia Visa & Passport Services

GenVisa can assist with obtaining U.S. Passports, whether new issue or renewal.

Special requirements exist for U.S. Official and Diplomatic passport holders.

Send ALL the requirements above (and a check payable to Generations Visa Service) via traceable form of mail to the GenVisa office immediately. GenVisa will hand-carry your application to the Embassy if applicable. Please allow at least 21 business days of processing time.


GenVisa acts only as an agent. It is the traveler’s responsibility to fully and accurately complete the application. GenVisa cannot be held responsible for any delays or loss of passports when not in the actual possession of GenVisa.

If you need more information, please contact us!
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